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Knee Pain Stem Cell Treatment

Knee Pain Stem Cell Treatment

Just like anything else, the more or longer something is used, the faster it will wear down – this includes the human body. The joints, especially the knees, are extremely sensitive to this type of ongoing wear and tear. As your knees wear out, it will become more and more difficult to bend, walk run and even put any weight at all on the knees. As the pain gets worse and worse, a person’s doctor may begin talking about knee replacement surgery to alleviate the pain.

Surgery is Scary

The fact is, surgery is scary, which means that if a person feels nervous, apprehensive or even scared about the suggested procedure, it’s completely normal. Regardless of the type of surgery needed, there are certain inherent risks, such as post-op infections, reactions to anesthesia, blood clots and your body not accepting the implant. Additionally, the recovery time after a total knee replacement is both frustrating and long. Also, as an individual get older, the possibility of these consequences and reactions goes up.

There is a Better Option

Scientists throughout the world have spent years studying stem cells. Today, thanks to the advancements in this field, those needing knee surgery, may find there is another option – a stem cell clinic. While stem cells come from an array of sources, the focus of most doctors is to use a patient’s own cells. As an adult, the organs and tissues are constantly regenerating. In fact, a person’s ability to heal relies on the body and the ability it has to heal itself.

Learn more about the benefits of stem cell for knees from a stem cell clinic and determine if this may be an option compared to undergoing knee replacement surgery.

Understanding Stem Cells

Put simply, stem cells are the “building blocks” of the human body. Each person has stem cells in their adipose tissues, blood and bone marrow. They come from the same type of cells that forms bone, muscles, ligaments, menisci, cartilage and joints. These are the cells that can be beneficial in the repair of a person’s joints, including the knees.

When a person is conceived and begins to grow in utero, they begin as (essentially) stem cells. As the person grows and develops, the blank cells turn into specific skin or nerve cells, liver cells, etc. With continued growth, the human body continues to make these cells to help treat and to also maintain the systems of the body.

As a result, stem cells are able to be used to treat similar cells throughout a person’s body. This includes in stem cell knee repair.

How are Stem Cells Used?

Now, by using a person’s own cells, problems such as sports injuries and arthritis can be repaired.

As scientists learn more about stem cells, they expect they will be able to treat even more conditions, and that these cells are going to have a huge impact on treatments and medicine as a whole.

Advantages and Potential Risks of Choosing Stem Cell Therapy for the Knees

The majority of people who have suffered knee damage and are considering surgery already know the risks that accompany this procedure. However, with stem cell therapy, the majority of the risks associated with the procedure disappear. The main risk a person faces with this treatment is the risk of developing an infection; however, this is very rare because the procedure is considered extremely minimally invasive.

On the other hand, the benefits offered by stem cell treatment at a stem cell clinic for the knees are huge. Here are some of the most appealing:

  • It’s a fast procedure, especially when compared to the traditional surgical treatment. In most cases, the doctor will have all labs and equipment in-house, and the procedure is done outpatient and is completed in a single day (just a few hours to be specific).
  • It is a more affordable option. In most cases, stem cell replacement is much cheaper than surgery.
  • It’s a natural treatment option. While synthetic stem cells and donor cells are sometimes used by doctors, the preferred method is to use a person’s own stem cells. They take the cells from one part of the person’s body and then inject them into the knees (or any other problem area). The whole treatment is done in a single sitting and it is as natural as possible.
  • Recovery from the procedure is minimal. When a person undergoes surgery, the recovery time may last for months, many of these which are spent with the person being immobile, or with hindered mobility. With stem cell injections, this isn’t the case. The patient will walk in for treatment and walk out on their own and their day to day routine can remain unaltered. In just a few weeks, it is possible to increase activity levels and do more thanks to the treatment.

Are Stem Cell Treatments the Right Option?

The best way for a person to determine if they are a good candidate for stem cell therapy is to speak with their doctor. In most cases, booking an initial consultation and evaluation is the best way to determine this.

Keep in mind, stem cell treatment at a stem cell clinic is not a new procedure, but there is still quite a bit to learn about it. It has been proven an effective treatment option for countless people and has a promising future. Anyone interested in the procedure should contact their doctor to discuss whether or not it is an option that suits their needs.

Are you ready to explore knee pain stem cell treatment?  Make an appointment at Stem Cell today.

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