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Lower Back Pain: The Symptoms, Causes, and Cures

Did you know that about 80 percent of all Americans suffer some form of back pain? Although the locations and causes of the back pain differ from person to person, doctors agree that this is one of the most common discomforts that affect people everywhere.

Some of the reasons people experience back pain involve their nerves and muscles. Others suffer from more serious illnesses, such as arthritis or lumbar degenerative disc disease. This can make it hard to function, work properly, or raise a family. It can be very stressful to deal with.

Chronic Low Back Pain: What You Should Know About It

If you are diagnosed with “chronic low back pain,” it means that your symptoms may last for an extended period of time. It should be at least longer than three months. The signs of pain will come and go, with no permanent release.

The most important goal should be to find a way to improve bodily function and performance, even with a back condition. When symptoms are recurring, they cause pain, but you can still learn to work through and with the pain to perform daily tasks. This is essential for getting on with regular and healthy daily routines.

The spine is one of the body’s main components that help many parts function and move. If there is a problem with the spinal cord, flexibility and mobility is affected. When your back gets injured, you may lose stability, and the simplest daily tasks can cause a lot of pain in your joints.

Symptoms of Back Pain to Watch Out For

This pain is also known as lumbar pain, it sometimes causes excruciating pain in the buttocks area. One or both of the buttocks may experience discomfort when sitting, standing, and walking. It is also extremely painful to bend over or lift heavy objects.

Pay special attention to these types of symptoms, as they may start out as just a slight, dull pain at first, and then gradually increase to more intense pain. This pain may last for years and cause much discomfort.

What Are the Available Treatments for This Pain?

This depends on the severity of the pain and discomfort. It also depends on your age. Treatment for this pain can be anything from muscle relaxants and painkillers, to back surgery and post-operation therapy. Patients who suffer from excessive mood swings due to the pain may even be prescribed some anti-depressants.

If the back pain is a result of obesity, then a weight-loss plan can help in providing comfort. Weight loss is also a long-term solution that some patients choose. Whether they undergo weight loss surgery for instant relief, or try an exercise and diet program to lose weight gradually, is a personal choice.

In very severe cases of back pain, spine surgery or fusion may be necessary. This is called lumbar surgery, and is very effective. It will help to correct the condition of chronic pain, muscle spasms, and lack of activity. After the surgery, however, the patient must visit a therapist to continue the process of healing and learning how to incorporate daily activities into their routine again. During therapy, the back muscles will be conditioned, strengthened, and relieved. There are also special massage therapists who work specifically with back surgery patients and those suffering pain.

Stem Cell Injections for This Pain

If you are experiencing chronic back pain, another solution to try is Stem Cell Injections. These are available at the Stem Cell Orthopedic Institute of Texas, and are usually prescribed for:

  1. Degenerative disc disease/discogenic low back pain
  2. SI joint arthritis
  3. Facet joint arthritis

Here’s what you can expect from this treatment:

  • An out-patient procedure, where you can walk in and walk out on the same day.
  • Expect that you can resume normal activities within the same day, provided they are not too strenuous.
  • No scarring, cutting, or complications should be expected. Success rates of this procedure are extremely high.

How Does Stem Cell Treatment Help with This Pain?

It is a combination of stem cell and platelet that contribute to low back pain healing. These particular platelets will help blood vessels to grow by simply increasing blood supply to the disc. There will be more growth and less pain.

Getting Help with Stem Cell Therapies in San Antonio, Texas

Many people in Texas suffer from this common back pain condition. Many also go untreated, because they assume there is no permanent cure. However, lower back pain is not something you have to suffer with during your entire life. It is easy and hassle-free to find the cure. Our website has more information if you would like to learn about available therapies for lower back pain.

To find out if you are a candidate for stem cell disc injection, you need to make an appointment for a consultation. Simply call (210) 293-3136 today to schedule your medical evaluation. Our professionals and doctors are available to help you with any questions you may have about your symptoms and cures.


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