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Benefits of Orthopedic Stem Cell Treatment / RESEARCH on Ultrasound Injections

  • Ultrasound imaging is almost equally effective in detecting partial tears of the rotator cuff compared to MRI.
  • MRI may be reserved for doubtful or complex cases.
  • Ultrasound and MRI could equally be used in detecting full thickness tears.
  • MRI and ultrasound have poor sensitivity for detecting partial thickness tears.



The study of 148 painful joints compared the use of ultrasound to a blind injection.  Ultrasound demonstrated:


  • 43% decrease in injection pain.
  • 62% decrease in the non-responder rate.
  • 200% increase in the rate of effusion detection.

Sibbitt, WL – – Journal of Rheumatology 2009



Berkoff, D. J. et al and Sibbitt, W.L. et al showed that ultrasound guidance had an improved accuracy of 95.8% versus a blind stick (of 77.8%)

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