Stem Cell

The STEM CELL Procedure Overview

  1. The patient is given intravenous light sedation and laid on their stomach to relax.
  2. Bone marrow biopsy.
    1. Dr. Hirsch/Dr. Hall place a very small needle into the hip to numb the specific area. The hip location is rich in MESENCHYMAL STEM CELLS.
    2. Then a larger needle is inserted (under live x-ray) into the intended area of the posterior hip.
    3. Then 60 cc’s of bone marrow (rich in STEM CELLS) are extracted (aspirated) from this area of the hip (The iliac crest has the highest number of STEM CELLS).
  3. These cells are then processed through a bedside centrifuge for approximately 10 minutes (in order to retrieve the STEM CELL concentrate and removing the undesirable cells).
  4. The STEM CELL concentrate has 3 layers:PRP Vial
    1. Plasma
    2. Red Blood Cells
    3. BUFFY COAT—Which has PLATELETS, leukocytes, granulocytes, monocytes, and PROGENITOR CELLS.This is the layer that is useful in regenerative healing.
  5. The concentrated STEM CELLS are then re-injected into the injured area.
  6. The injection is accomplished by using image guidance (live x-ray or ultrasound) in order to put the STEM CELLS in the exact anatomic area intended.
  7. Our goal is to deliver much greater numbers of STEM CELLS to an injured area of the body than the body could deliver on its own.
  8. THE STEM CELL ORTHOPEDIC INSTITUTE OF TEXAS may add in certain patients PLATELET RICH PLASMA to the stem cell concentrate (to make a super mix or an anti-pain cocktail). The STEM CELL/PLATELET RICH CONCENTRATE offers different anti-inflammatory potentials and different mechanisms to aid in the body repair. Platelets do have a stimulatory and recruitment effect on the STEM CELLS.
  9. This is a SAME DAY procedure which includes the bone marrow aspiration and the STEM CELL injections.
  10. Typically, the process takes less than 60 minutes.
  11. After the procedure, you leave the office with appropriate instructions and a customized rehabilitation program to support your recovery.
  12. THE STEM CELL ORTHOPEDIC INSTITUTE OF TEXAS will track your outcomes through follow up visits, by phone or by email. All patients are tracked in a patient registry for outcomes and complications.



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