Stem Cell


  1. Worldwide, there are more than 400 clinical trials involved in MSC’s.  MSC’s may permit the engineering and repair of cartilage not only for local repair of lesions but also for the treatment option for osteoarthritic changes.
  2. MSC’s may be used earlier in the treatment of muscle, joint, ligament and tendon injuries.
  3. The use of MSC’s in combination with bioactive substances (natural or synthetic) has significant clinical potentials for repair of joints and ligaments.
  4. MSC’s might offer promise in the future as vehicles for therapeutic gene delivery.
  5. MSC’s could significantly reduce the number of orthopedic surgeries to include joint and tendon surgery.
  6. MSC’s use in orthopedic treatments may decrease the number of total hip, total knee and total joint replacements.
  7. MSC’s injected into the degenerative disc may prevent future spinal fusions.
  8. Culture expanded ALLOGENIC MSC’S injected intradiscally for degenerative disc disease in 10 patients showed promise for pain and function at 6 months
  9. Pre-clinical studies of MSC based therapy showed tremendous potential for treating previously incurable diseases.
  10. There are new sources of MSC’s;
    1. Synovial Fluid-Derived STEM CELLS.
    2. Peripheral Blood-Derived STEM CELLS (also known as Progenitor Cells) – These cells can increase growth of cartilage and thickness of cartilage.
  11.  Increased effectiveness of MSC’s when used with PRP.
  12.  Hyperbaric oxygen used additionally may increase the number of STEM CELLS in the body naturally.
  13.  MSC’s possibly replacing steroids as the first line of treatment for pain injections.