Stem Cell

Adult Stem Cell Therapy

THE STEM CELL ORTHOPEDIC INSTITUTE OF TEXAS offers STEM CELL and PLATELET RICH PLASMA (PRP) procedures as viable alternatives for individuals suffering from joint pain, joint and tendon degeneration, and soft tissue injury. STEM CELL injections may prevent or delay elective orthopedic surgery (joint replacement or fusion). The patient may therefore avoid a lengthy post-operative period, an invasive procedure, and a lengthy rehabilitation.

Scientists and doctors have made tremendous advances to make tissue regeneration (with STEM CELLS) a reality. Through Regenerative Medicine, a person can take advantage of their body’s ability to heal itself by using their own ADULT STEM CELLS that can be found throughout the body. STEM CELLS can restore lost, damaged or aging cells and effectively regenerate tissue in the body. This may provide the patient an alternative to surgery for certain treatments. Regenerative therapies involving autologous  ADULT STEM CELLS are beginning to show promise in Orthopedic Medicine, Pain Medicine, Rheumatology and nerve regeneration, etc.

Autologous ADULT STEM CELLS are used to treat many types of chronic pain and orthopedic injuries to joints, bones, muscles, tendons and ligaments.

THE STEM CELL ORTHOPEDIC INSTITUTE OF TEXAS offer Regenerative Medicine treatments (STEM CELLS/PRP (PLATELET RICH PLASMA) for specific degenerative and inflammatory conditions of the:

  1. Hip.                                        
  2. Knee.
  3. Shoulder.
  4. Low back.
  5. Hand/wrist.
  6. Foot/ankle.