not-embryonic-only-adult-stem-cellsAdult STEM CELLS

  • Only found in adult tissue
  • Excellent source of Cartilage and Bone
  • Adult STEM CELLS stop growing appropriately (Contact Inhibition)
  • Not potentially cancerous
  • Raise less ethical issues.
  • We use the patient’s own cells to reduce possible immune responses.
    • They are relatively non-immunogenic
      • They can be transplanted between different individuals without initiating an immune response
  • Show limited differentiation potential to tissues of one germ layer.

Embryonic STEM CELLS

  • Only found in early developmental stages of the organism.
  • Controversial as a resource for therapeutic procedures.
  • Represent the only cell type which has the ability to renew itself indefinitely.
  • Has a high uncogenic potential (Potentially cancerous)
  • Cannot be used in Humans in the United States.
  • Are pluripotential.
  • It is a unique precursor cell where it can differentiate into cells of all three germ layers.


Is STEM CELL Therapy Right for You?

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